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Jarbunq is a Node.js / TypeScript based service to automate tasks on your bunq account(s).


  • Trigger actions on bunq accounts based on received emails:
    • Action: Generic - transfer fixed amount when email comes with the specified address, subject and/or body
    • Action: Amazon.de - transfer order values from the Main account to the Amazon account
    • Action: Amazon.de Prime Now - transfer order values from the Main account to the Amazon account
    • Action: Amazon.de Refund - transfer Amazon refunds from the Amazon to the Main account
    • Action: Zalando.de - reserve amounts and schedule payments for Zalando.de invoices
  • Eventhooks to automate payments and integrate with external systems (a mini IFTTT), examples:
    • Auto save a % of current balance to savings account when salary arrives
    • Forward rent payments from your flatmates to the owners account
    • Make a donation of 5 EUR each time you buy flight tickets
    • Forward failed card payments notifications to your security system
    • Etc etc etc, your imagination is the limit :-)
  • Auto save money for kilometers and elevation ridden on Strava, daily or weekly
  • Transfers can be fully automated, or as draft (with approval needed by the owner)
  • Email and push notifications (via Pushover or similar)
  • Easily add your own features via a plugins file / folder

Crazy quick start guide

$ git clone git@github.com:igoramadas/jarbunq.git
$ make clean update
$ cat settings.private.json.sample
$ vim settings.private.json
$ make certificate
$ make run

Need help? Sure you do. Then follow these detailed instructions...

What for?

The idea came up once I decided to automate some of my bike related savings. I usually spare some money every month for the eventual replacement of chains, cassette, cables and other wear-prone parts. But it would be much cooler if I could do this automatically and based on my actual mileage, insead of a fixed monthly amount :-)

Amazon emails came next. I have an Amazon credit card used exclusively on Amazon, so whenever I purchase something, it would be great if the order amount could be moved to an account dedicated for the credit card payments.

Please note that although this project is open-source and relatively simple to customize to your needs, I am not interested in making it a full-fledged, cloud hosted platform for bunq automations. If that's you cup of tea, I suggest the great bunq2IFTTT. But I might change my mind, who knows...

And a big thank you to all the open-source warriors that are responsible for the libraries used by this project.

Why Jarbunq?

Total lack of creativity. Jarvis + bunq.

Why bunq?

I don't think you'll find a bank that offers such a great and open API elsewhere. Once you try bunq and start integrating with its API, you'll ask yourself "why should I use any other bank now?"

How stable is this?

I have it running myself on my own server since 1st of September 2019. No issues so far, and a bunch of automated payments processed successfully :-)

Bugs or suggestions?

Post it on the issue tracker.

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